Property Sales - Home Presentation Service

Using my expertise as an interior designer, I help people to sell their properties quickly and realise their maximum sale price.

Many potentially desirable properties remain unsold on the housing market because not enough attention has been given to their presentation. Home buyers today are more sophisticated, and vendors need to be able to match or exceed their expectations to sell their house. If your property remains unsold for a long period of time you may be forced to drastically drop the price or risk losing your future dream property.

By making your property more attractive, it will entice more viewers, giving you the confidence to hold out for your asking price. A well-presented home is significantly more likely to sell faster, too. My help as a professional interior designer will put you in the driver’s seat and the beauty of it is the cost. I have a number of price plans depending on your budget and needs as well as access to reliable trade contacts should you require them. 

Using my knowledge and guidance, we can achieve breathtaking results together so contact me in the box below and let's get you moving on... 


Residential Clients - Interior Design Service


Perhaps you have some interior design ideas but just need help in pulling them together, or would prefer me to create your ideal room for you. 

I offer flexible options to suit your requirements, including outline inspiration, detailed design and online consultation. If you would like me to carry your interior design project through to completion for you, this can also be arranged. Depending on the service you require, I will visit your property (except online) where we will talk through your design style, colour preferences and any of your own ideas you would like me to explore. I will then come back to you with some suggestions either in a report with written content, sketches, colour & fabric style or design board with samples etc. I can also provide an estimate of costs, recommended trades, craftspeople & suppliers. 

For further details, please click on the heading 'Services & Fees' or contact me for further information.

To Contact Me

Dawn Manwaring

B.A. (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design, 

Diploma in Professional Interior Design

Telephone: 07407 030 812

Working in the Norfolk area